Following the passing of the Music Modernization Act, the AMLC is creating an RFI (Request for Information) for submission to entities that believe they have relevant and efficient technology and infrastructure and can work in tandem with the board of directors of the Mechanical Licensing Collective (and other governmental oversite committees) to meet, and potentially exceed, the requirements of the Music Modernization Act.

The AMLC RFI is available to qualified technology vendors who work in the fields of large data processing with and without machine learning, music works matching, music works identification, audio fingerprinting, conflict resolution, royalty accounting and distribution, lyric identification and any other relevant technologies in service to the mission of identifying songs, mechanical licenses, royalty calculations and distributions on behalf of copyright owners, songwriters and music publishers in both the digital download and streaming space.

Please note that we believe the best and most relevant technology and ideas are required for fulfillment of the mandates of the MMA. To that end, we encourage and support you submitting an RFI to any other entity that is submitting itself for consideration to become the MLC including, but not limited to the one mentioned on the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) website, whose RFI can be found here.

We will consider a variety of proposed solutions.

Our goal is to see this technology work most efficiently and equitably in the service of any and every song owner and songwriter, no matter their size in the marketplace.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating by emailing us at along with relevant information about your company and how you believe you can help.