Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe all song owners ( from the kid writing and recording in their bedroom, to the major music publishers) should be paid what they have earned from streams of their songs in the U.S.

  • We believe song owners of all sizes should have their voices heard in the operations of the MLC.

  • We believe the world’s most efficient and effective identification and matching/mapping system must be created to ensure every owner is paid every cent (or fraction thereof) of their royalties.

  • We will ensure the highest level of confidence in the MLC by keeping any perceived or actual conflict of interest to the lowest possible minimum.

  • We believe those in charge of overseeing the formation of the MLC in its developing stage should actually use the very entity they are forming. 

  • We will discourage and avoid any activities which might give one group of song owners advantages in identification or collection of royalties over other groups of song owners.

  • We believe the proper use of technology can provide correct payments to all song owners for what they have earned rather than paying the wrong rights holders by using guesstimates and black box distribution


  • To be measured on our success of getting more songwriters and publishers paid more of their money, more quickly and transparently.

  • We must identify and match songs to the greatest extent possible and keep unidentified and unpaid royalties to the lowest level possible.

  • We will only endorse, hire and use the best and most efficient technology and companies for identification, matching, conflict resolution, distribution of timely payments and maintenance of a database with the most up to date current and accurate information.

  • We will work tirelessly to ensure all requirements of the MMA are met and, when possible, exceeded.

  • We will guide and oversee the best licensing and royalty payment entity in the world.

Why Us:

  • Our board has a profound and extensive knowledge and track record in music publishing, mechanical license administration, big data, mapping and matching technology, payment processing, copyright ownership identification, conflict resolution, education, law, execution and architecture of technology systems.

  • We have a track record of working for the entire global spectrum of music publishers and songwriters.

  • We include representation of song owners from territories outside the United States whose songs are available on U.S. streaming services.

  • Our unique Guiding Principles are necessary to establish a foundation that treats all song owners - large and small - in a fair and equitable manner.

The combination of these principals, skills, knowledge, priorities and goals makes the AMLC the logical choice to fulfill the purpose of the Music Modernization Act.

Everyone SHould be paid what they earn.

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